The Importance of a thorough Induction

An induction is a formal introduction to a new employer, a new team, a new position.  The purpose of the induction is to provides information to the employee, helping them settle into their new position as quickly as possible.  The induction normally takes place on an employee’s first day, and can take a full week or two to complete properly dependent upon the complexities of the organisation and seniority of the role.

A thorough induction covers a vast range of information and should include:

  • What the organisation does, their purpose or vision
  • Induction to the values and the culture of the workplace “the way we work”
  • The goals of the business for the next 1, 3-5 years, whatever has been defined
  • A tour of the workplace, including the really small stuff such as how to operate the coffee machine
  • Introductions to key personnel the team member will interact with
  • The policies and procedures, ensure they are read and signed off
  • Payroll – the what, why, how, what else
  • The Employee Value Proposition – ensure they understand the benefits of the organisation and know how to access these benefits
  • Calendar of events – encourage their attendance at the next event
  • How to access the learning and development on offer

Documented induction plans and checklists are essential.  They save you time and send a message to your new employee that you value them and believe inducting them is important.

Unfortunately, too often, inducting of employees is not given the time and attention that it should.  Yes, it is time consuming upfront, but ultimately saves you a great deal of time in the long run.  Inductions increase the likelihood of the employee staying, settling and reaching a level of productivity faster.  They create a fantastic first impression!