Recruit right the first time

Recruiting the wrong person is time consuming and expensive. Suddenly you find yourself training, retraining, managing performance, remunerating, and gaining very little in return. So what could you have done to prevent this from happening, and recruited the right person at the start?

We juggle many priorities, we are often time poor but save yourself time in the long run by investing effort in the recruitment process by following these simple tips:

  1. Take the time to write the position description. Share this with the candidate. Make sure they understand the tasks, KPIs, expectations of the role
  2. Prepare your interview questions, and make sure they link to the required competencies of the role.
  3. Use competency based questions to ascertain if they are competent or not
  4. Include questions around the values you like your team members to display in the workplace.
  5. Ask the candidates the same questions
  6. Ask the candidate to complete an assessment task, a task they would be required to do in the role, so they gain a better understanding of the job role and so you can ascertain their skill level

After conducting the interviews and assessment tasks, compare responses with the competencies and values required for the role and to work with your business, then select the candidate that is the best match.

If no candidate has the required skills, what should you do? Do you start the recruitment process over again? Or do you have the capacity within your current team to cover the skill deficit and train the candidate?

Importantly, recruitment is the opportunity to build your business to achieve goals and add to your workplace culture. Take the time to make the right decision.