New Year – Back to Basics

A new year brings the opportunity for new beginnings, time to reflect on what worked well last year and what didn’t.  In our complex world, where we are surrounded by new concepts and ideas, some of the best results come from doing what we know we should be doing.  If you want to improve your results, improve the performance of your team members, then check to see if you have the basics in place.  Start with…

  • Clear business goals & direction, that are regularly communicated to the team
  • Have the right organisational structure in place to achieve maximum results
  • Ensure all team members have individual KPIs aligned to the business goals
  • Conduct regular performance reviews, (both formal each 6 months and informal weekly) providing feedback and measuring if the employees are achieving their KPIs
  • All employees having Development plans to improve skill, knowledge and attitude
  • Communicate the company Values that detail “how” the employees are to work in order to deliver their KPIs, and review their performance against these
  • Timely performance management, rewarding strong individual/team performance through achievement of KPIs/Values and communicating non performance of KPIs/Values, until result is achieved.  This can result in managing out non performers.
  • A robust communication strategy, to ensure employees are constantly aware of all issues that affect them and their ability to deliver their KPIs, the Business Goals and the Values.  Let them know how the business is tracking

Don’t fall into the trap of letting the above slide.  Commit to your team, and do it!