How we work

Every business is individual, every business requires a unique approach to managing their people and maximizing output. We understand this and therefore customize our approach to work with you and your people. We are flexible.

We begin working with businesses for a whole variety or reasons. You may have a need to recruit, a poor performing employee you need help to turn around, your business has grown and you can’t manage HR on your own anymore, the list is endless.

After assisting with the initial inquiry, we are often asked to develop an HR Action Plan or Strategy, associated action plans and time frames to aid retention and productivity of your team. To determine what the strategy needs to be, we often recommend conducting a Workplace Survey or HR Audit


Workplace survey

STAR Workplace is a business improvement program that helps you measure your staff and employer engagement and set priorities and action plans for greater results. It is much more than an employee survey!

Firstly, we gain the business leader’s feedback, ascertaining what you want from your business and the impact it is having on you.

Secondly, we gain feedback from your team members about the business, just the facts so you can see the impact your business has on your people.

Finally, we have all the information to create a practical 12 month plan. A road map for you to follow, month by month, putting you back on track.

The STAR Workplace Program benchmarks you against other Australasian businesses, enabling you to assess and measure your HR performance.

HR Audit

Using our HR Audit tool, assessing your HR processes, systems and documentation in 10 key areas, we determine if you are compliant, not yet compliant or well on the way. We use the information gained from the HR Audit, to finalise the agreed HR Strategy and Plan.

Outsourced HR Manager

We agree on a retainer, an agreed number of hours and fee to deliver the HR Plan.

Alternatively, your request may be different.

We also deliver HR Services on a project, hourly or ad hoc basis

PROJECT – a defined piece of work to be delivered in a set time frame, examples may be delivering learning & development to close a gap in skill/knowledge, Position Description development aligned to business goals, assisting with an organisational restructure, recruitment of key roles

AD HOC – perhaps you have an urgent matter that requires our assistance

BY THE HOUR – set a goal, we estimate fee to deliver, stop at any time